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General Team Buying FAQs

If it is a single product purchase, say like an Office Printer, then upon a successful negotiation, you pay the balance to us and we forward this on to the Supplier. E.g. If a Printer is $4000 and we save Team Members $1000. Our fee at say 10% of the savings is $100. You end up paying $3100 for the Printer. If the Network had an initial joining deposit of $50, then your balance owing is $3050. See FAQ on Payment and Fees for long term services. See also General FAQ’s on Deposits above.

As long as it is legal and non-sexual in nature then yes ! From cafe owners pooling together to get a better deal on Coffee Beans, to a bunch of successful entrepreneurs buying a 40ft Yacht ( For business purposes of course…)

 As we have to do a bunch of work, we generally only accept Products or Services where we by negotiation could save $300 or more. So this would generally suggest a RRP of $1500 +. Popular products get members more easily, however if you are in say a niche Electronics Hardware business, you could use our platform to secure expensive components such as an expensive Infrared Detector for your Drones etc. Promoting your network deal across various Electronics, FaceBook and Linkedin groups or other, could make this very viable.

Anyone can create a Network Manager Account and create a deal. When you are ready to publish it and Share it, you need to also pay the agreed Deposit/Joining Fee. This is generally a small % of the recommended retail price. Any Deal Creation or Network Joining Fee is fully refundable at the end of your Campaign Period if you don’t attract enough network members or we couldn’t negotiate a really special deal with a Merchant at this time. You will receive your full refund within approximately 3 business days after the Campaign is deemed closed.

Any Deposits or Network/Team/ Joining Fees are held in trust until we attempt to negotiate the network members a fantastic deal. If we cant negotiate a fantastic deal then all funds are returned at the end of the Campaign Negotiation period.

We only take a small % of the savings when a Deal goes to completion. When a Network Manager registers themselves and then list a product or service, our Admin Team discuss with the Network Manager an acceptable fee for our successful negotiation services for that product or service. By default, this is 10% of the Savings, but can range between 5%-15%.

IMPORTANTLY any Network Joining Fees are returned 100 % if we can’t negotiate a fantastic deal. You are never out of pocket, and our fee only ever comes out of the Savings we make for the particular network. So very simply, if we save 20 members of a group $100 on a Deal, our fee might be 10% or $10 for each member. So in the end, each member saves $90 ($100- our $10 fee) off that product, and our Total fee earned is $200. or 20 members x $10 each.

We think its a good deal for everyone as you are always safely ahead and never out of pocket in the end .

You can and should share your link far and wide. Include it in your Linkedin or FaceBook posts and tag some contacts. Mention it in your Blog Story about a particular topic. If the savings you want to create with your network listing, then you may use online ads, your email database or similar, to promote your Team, but please contact our Buyers Network Concierge for the best advice here if you are spending money. Concierge@TheBuyers.network

You are always entitled to a 100% Money Back Refund, if a network deal doesn’t go through to successful completion. Either due to “Not enough Members” to attract a good discount, or “No vendor willing give a worthy discount at this time.” We refund this to your account within a few business days and you will be notified by email.

We always give estimates as to how much we think we can save based on a given number of members.

Short answer is Yes- If you don’t follow through then you do loose your Deposit. As this then affects your other network members confidence to “go in” with you on the Deal. And no one really wants to do that do they?

Of course if the deal doesn’t go through due to not enough members in the network or a situation where we can only negotiate an “average” deal. In most cases we will do way, way better than most people alone could do. And finally, we can only refund a deposit if you can prove you got a better deal than we could get you. (within the Post Campaign Negotiation period). AND of course that the owner of that business isn’t your best mate, neighbor or Mom.

We encourage most network listings to set basic criteria or spend. After a successful bidder is chosen, you can work out directly with the supplier for any variations or extras that you require.

We are a group of Tech Entrepreneurs, MBA’s, CPA’s, and Digital Marketers who are both Ex Big Brands and Ad Agencies. We are supported by an amazing Finance Team, and of course our “Tigers”! Our Tigers come from various parts of the Procurement space. Whether Wholesale Negotiators, Government Procurement Officers, Equipment Auctioneers, IT Managers, and of course even some from the Hard n’ Fast world of Pawn Brokers. Procurement is a science in itself, and so we also totally respect our Suppliers. We work hard to also understand their needs and what is both acceptable and what supports their businesses and cashflows.

And you know what? Our Suppliers love us too. We bring forward cashflow with bulk deals quickly, we fill Planes, Fleet Auto workshops, give Suppliers a bunch of new customers at once, and allow Suppliers to get stock out of the way for new stock arrivals.

Most networks require a very small deposit to Join them and show your commitment. These are 100% refundable if a great deal can’t be struck. But having a token gesture gives confidence to others that:

1. This could be a great thing to save on.

2. That everyone is committed so the network deal can’t fall over

3. That the network can grow confidently with just a small deposit.

Note: Any Network Joining fees are 100% Refundable if a network deal is unsuccessful for almost any reason. The main ones include, “not attracting enough members” to be in a strong negotiation position. Or that “suitable quality Suppliers are not able to offer a worth discount at this time.”

Most network listings have a semi generic format of the Product or Service, and you negotiate the finer details with the winning vendor. So you could customize your Laptops with a higher spec, or a winning Corporate Travel agent will have all the preferences in a Travel deal and their winning price should include this.

Or a Travel network deal might have additional fields to enter your preferences like a 5 Star Hotel with Pool view or ask you to suggest a preferred airline if you have one.

In short, don’t sweat this too much as you can always negotiate as above, the finer details or specs.